2nd Annual Backpack Drive huge success

   Center for Assessment and Treatment held it’s 2nd Annual Backpack Drive over the past several weeks. Community members generously donated notebooks, backpacks, binders, pens and various other school supplies.  

   We would like to thank Elizabeth Worth and Niki Stanton for their commitment to this cause. Their contribution was truly invaluable.  

   "The goals I had for the success of The Backpack Drive were greatly exceeded because so many people in the community were willing to come together for such a worthy cause. This was an amazing experience to be a part of and I am very pleased that we were able to provide so many supplies for our clients at the agency," said Worth, volunteer at Center for Assessment and Treatment.  

   Drop off boxes were placed throughout local Warren and Morris County businesses, libraries and churches.  We would like to thank the following establishments for their support: Washington Township Library, Mount Olive Library, Our Lady of the Mountain Church, St. Mark’s Church, Panther Valley Deli, The Green Market, and Girl Scouts of America.

   “I really value education and it would be a shame if someone was not able to excel academically because they didn’t have school supplies, our goal was to give these clients the opportunity to succeed and I feel like we achieved that,” said Stanton, volunteer at Center for Assessment and Treatment.  

   “We were so grateful that Niki and Elizabeth volunteered to take this project on.  Last year, Jenna Houston earned her gold award for girl scouts by initiating this movement.  We are very happy to see that we were able to alleviate the financial strain that many families experience when it’s back to school time” said Roseann Bennett, Executive Director of Center for Assessment and Treatment.  

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