Germanwings crash and stigma of mental health

The co-pilot involved in the Germanwings crash has brought to light concerns regarding the stigmatization of mental health. The fear of being ostracized for receiving mental health treatment may lead people to be less likely to seek out treatment. The recent death of comedian/actor Robin Williams has also put more of a spotlight on mental health issues and how people are or are not being treated. “Choosing the right mix of treatments and supports that work for you is an important step in the recovery process. Treatment choices for mental health conditions will vary from person to person. Even people with the same diagnosis will have different experiences, needs, goals and objectives for treatment. There is no “one size fits all” treatment,” states the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The NAMI lists different types of health professionals and different treatments available on their website. Erica Goode of The New York Times wrote about how the Germanwings crash is bringing mental health and how it is being treated to the forefront of society.  Her news article can be read here.