Meaningful use of technology

Technology has the capacity to be an annoyance and invade our personal lives and it can also be used in a manner that enhances our well being. At Center for Assessment and Treatment we utilize technology in a variety of ways that we believe can deliver a more effective, efficient service. Some of the ways we use technology are the following:


Ask Rose is an app that was designed at Johns Hopkins, which is meant solely to augment therapy. A lot can happen between sessions and sometimes we can forget. Ask Rose is a system that allows for easy communication with your therapist.


Pearson Clinical has allowed for the ability for clinicians to administer dozens of assessments with just a few clicks. The better we can assess and understand a problem the more effectively we can help.

Having your medical record electronic allows for clear documentation, organization, and indefinite storage should you ever need your record. Our EMR program also allows for more efficient sharing of information, if that is required.

At times, either because of distance or disability, tele-therapy can play a pivotal role in treatment. We are able to make this accommodation by using a HIPAA compliant teleconferencing software.